The Art of Shiatsu or the Way to Healing (2018)

The Transmission of a Master of Healing Tradition…

  • At the crossroads of Oriental Medicine and Western Medicine
  • Listening to the body, learning to feel
  • Looking for an alternative

Officially recognized in Europe as a traditional oriental therapy, Shiatsu is considered in Japan as a true medicine but also as an art and a life philosophy that only a qualified Master, a Sensei, is entitled to teach.

Initiated by his own father at an early age, Yuichi Kawada received the teachings of the greatest Shiatsu Masters of the past century (T. Namikoshi, Sh. Masunaga, etc). Through his travels to the United States and Europe, he greatly contributed to the recognition of Shiatsu in the West.

Practicing for more than 60 years now, Sensei Kawada lives in Brussels where he founded his own school and works discreetly in a small neighborhood office.

On the other hand, he developed a collaboration with the Cancer Center of the St-Luc University Hospital where Shiatsu is now integrated and proposed in parallel with the chemo-therapeutic treatments.

Through the portrait of a Master of tradition, this film presents an exciting and sensory introduction into the universe of Shiatsu and shows a future approach, the encounter between western and oriental medicine.

Executive Director:

Guy Maezelle

52 minutes

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