Remedy: Ancient Medicine for Modern Illness (2022)

You are about to discover the power of Traditional Medicine – the cumulative work of at least a thousand generations of our human ancestors…

Natural Medicine is the 1st choice of therapy for 80% of the world, even in countries with the highest-ranked health care systems on the planet like France and Switzerland.

The forgotten medicines in this docuseries hold the answer to the most devastating diseases of our times – ones that modern medicine offers no relief for:

Cancer, heart disease, depression, auto-immune disorders, anxiety and stress, diabetes, chronic pain, arthritis, fatigue, brain fog, hormone imbalances, infertility and dozens of others.

And perhaps more importantly… they create thriving health without side-effects and toxicity.

REMEDY: ANCIENT MEDICINE FOR MODERN ILLNESS brings together a list of celebrated herbalists, doctors, healers and scientists to show you a whole new world of natural health that will change your life forever.

Here are the titles of the 9 episodes.

1: The Quest For Lost Medicine Episode
2: The Invisible Seeds of Disease – Stress and Anxiety Episode
3: Healing Your Immune System and The Miracle of the Microbiome Episode
4: Higher Brain Function: How to Sharpen Memory”,”Clarity, and Focus Episode
5: The Silent Epidemic: Lyme Disease Episode
6: Healthy Hearts and Happy Minds Episode
7: Raising Your Energy Reserves, Getting Better Sleep & Preventing Fatigue Episode
8: Cancer: Reversing The Most Dreaded Disease Of Our Time Episode
9: Intimate Connections: Hormones, Sex and Reproductive Health

Executive Director:

Nick Polizzi

9 Episodes + Bonus Episode

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