If Work Stresses You Out – WATCH THIS

People don’t leave a company they leave their bosses…

What’s the biggest source of stress at work?

35% of us say that the number one cause for stress in the workplace is our bosses and our managers.

76% of us say that workplace stress is carried home and negatively affects our personal relationships.

66% of us have lost sleep due to work-related stress and 16% of us quit our jobs because of stress.

Our bosses or managers stress is contagious. Knowingly or unknowingly.

You can outsource a lot of things in life, but you can’t outsource your self-care. You can’t outsource taking care of your mental and physical health.

It’s so important that we learn to manage ourselves.

We need to make the right choices for our own well-being, rather than expecting the people around us to do that for us.

People don’t quit jobs, they quit bosses.

If you want to save your talent, then start by working with your leaders. When people feel valued the company naturally becomes more valuable because you have people who are motivated, driven and purposefully there.

And if you’re a manager or a boss and you’re dealing with high levels of stress because of your managers and bossess, I know how that feels. But recognize that we have to cut the pattern.

The real test of a truly authentic organisation is how they treat the newest people in the company as well as the oldest. Not just those who are the top performers, but those who are giving their time and energy.

And remember, it’s not your managers job to manage your mental health… that’s yours.

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Jay Shetty

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